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Ordinals and places

The one thing that was keeping me from updating the rikchik homepage with the text that was in the last post here was that I wasn't sure how to do ordinal numbers in Rikchik. After some pondering, I thought that maybe I should use Source for ordinals from the beginning ("from 1, a rock" = "first rock") so I could use Destination for ordinals from the end. Swell.

Then I remembered that Source is the relation for numeric places: Three-I-Source-0 Two-I-End-1 = 327 = 23. Which would imply that 32 is the "third two", 22 is the "second two", and 12 is the "first two". Then what's 2? It has to be the zeroth two. Which means that Rikchik ordinals are zero-based, like in many programming languages. And the rikchik homeworld is the One-Source planet of their sun.

Also, I need to fix the "current time and date in 7-Fruit" page to use ordinals - 7:00 isn't seven hours, it's the seventh hour.

ETA: While doing that I realized I really don't want to change the year numbers because that would invalidate the new year's card I sent for 5 Chaos 22. Then I realized that 0-based ordinals may have been a feature of the new language, along with the simple blocks and days of the calendar, but the year counting system may have predated it and been kept for traditional reasons. ("It's 18 Fructidor of 1803!") So the first day of the year is now 0-Block 0 but it's still 5 Chaos 17.

Happy New Year!

It is now 5 Chaos 17!

In recent rikchik news, I did a first attempt at a 3d-printed rikchik, which can be seen at https://twitter.com/DenisMoskowitz/status/579256619801976832. It was a good first attempt, but a number of tentacles broke in places and it won't actually stand up.

This got me to reconsider tentacle-tapering, and I've decided that only the talking tentacles will taper from 1.5 inches across to half that, and that standing tentacles will be 1.5 inches thick for their entire length. That will make it a little more realistic for them to be as strong as they need to be, and justify how the talking tentacles are particularly suited to fine manipulation.

I'll do another print once I've updated my code to reflect this but I updated the physiology page.
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City and State Names (for meme post)

I had the thought to take part in the "where did you sleep this year" meme in my main journal. As usual, translating human names into Rikchik is really hard.

I slept in 8 cities in 5 states in 2010. The states are Massachusetts, Washington, New York, Maine, and Georgia.

Mass is Big-N-Quality-0 Tentacle-N-Quality-0 Water-N-Quality-2 Number-N-Agent-0 Ground-P-End-2 "the Bay State", as established by http://rikchik.livejournal.com/10607.html (and if I had slept in California, that's in the same post as Grass-N-Quality-0 Metal-N-Quality-1 Number-N-Agent-0 Ground-P-End-2 "the Golden State"). Washington's nickname is "the Evergreen State" which I could render as All-N-Quality-0 Span-N-Quality-1 Rikchik-N-Quality-1 Number-N-Agent-0 Ground-P-End-2. I can't render it as "evergreen tree" because Maine's nickname is "the Pine Tree State". I'm inclined to make "pine tree" "triangular tree" using a triangular morpheme - Box? God? Crystal? Dragon? I should really figure out the R word for "cone" and use that. New York could be "2nd York", where York is apparently either "Yew" or "Wild Boar Settlement", or it could be "Empire State" (Seven-N-Quality-0 Home-N-Includesrec-0 Home-N-Quality-2 Number-N-Agent-0 Ground-P-End-2). Georgia is "the Peach State" - I think that should be Rock-N-Includesrec-0 Fruit-N-Quality-1 Number-N-Agent-0 Ground-P-End-2.

In MA I slept in Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, and Gardner. Somerville should clearly be "summer city" but I haven't actually established words for seasons yet. There are 21 blocks in the rikchik year, implying either 3 or 7 seasons - since the year starts at spring equinox, perhaps "flower season", "sunny season", and "sleep season", but what's the word for "season"? Cambridge was named after Cambridge University so it should probably be Big-N-Quality-1 Learn-N-Quality-1 Seven-N-Quality-0 Home-P-End-2. Arlington was named after Arlington National Cemetery, so it could be "dead land town" but I think my friends there would be annoyed by that name. Arlington's previous name was Menotomy, Algonquian for "swift running water" which could be Bouncer-N-Quality-0 Move-N-Quality-0 Water-N-Quality-2 Seven-N-Quality-1 Home-P-End-2. Gardner is crying out to be rendered as "gardener", Flower-N-Agentrec-0 Human-N-Quality-1 Seven-N-Quality-1 Home-P-End-2.

WA was Seattle, which is named after Chief Si'ahl. I don't know the etymology of his name but could do something based on "great leader" or similar. Alternatively, Seattle has a number of nicknames such as Rain City that I could use. NY was NYC - I don't think I can use "Empire" again, but for New York Big-N-Quality-0 Big-N-Quality-1 Seven-N-Quality-1 Home-P-End-2 "Very Big City" may work. ME was Shapleigh which means "Sheep Meadow" as far as I can tell. What rikchik animal is most like a sheep? None of them really have wool. Maybe it's a "cloth-roller". GA was Atlanta, which I'm inclined to render as either "rail junction" (based on its old name of Terminus) or "fire sky-fish" (based on its motto and symbol of a phoenix).

Any thoughts?
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Change definition of "Walk" measurement?

I'm reading the Planet Construction Kit, which is an excellent book of tips for conworlding by Mark Rosenfelder. I'm probably going to do a lot of mapping and rendering soon.

In preparation for this, I investigated some important rikchik distances. The diameter of the rikchik homeworld is 6112 miles. Rikchiks divide a circle into 420 divisions. So a degree of rikchik longitude at their equator is 14.552 miles long. In rikchik measurements, that's really close to half a Walk.

I came up with the distance for a Walk based on the GURPS formula that a day's walk is 50 miles for a standard human under ideal conditions, and rikchiks should be slower. 30 miles turns out to be 1372 (4000 base 7) Throws, so I decided that was a "metric" Walk. However, the PCK says that an army on foot will generally travel about 20 miles a day. In that case, it could be justifiable to say that a standardized walking distance for slower rikchiks is 15 miles-ish. That would be 686 (2000 base 7) Throws, still reasonably metric. So should I change the definition of Walk to half what it currently is?

This would give a reasonable story for the scholars who invented the rikchik system. Like the developers of the human metric system, they started with the diameter of the planet. Unlike them, they first divided it into degrees, discovered that one degree was about a day's walk, and called that a Walk. Then they divided by sevens until reaching ~80 yards, decided half of that was a good throwing distance, and called that a Throw. Dividing by another 7 gives about 3 times a rikchik's arm length so 1/21 of a Throw is a Reach. A seventh of that is a handy size so they came up with a name for it (Blade, the width of a blade of the common giant grass).

I suppose they should have some smaller measurements as well - what's a good name for a seventh of a Blade (1.35 inches) or a 49th of a Blade (a fifth of an inch, or half a centimeter)?